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Enugu State is shocked as a family of five mysteriously passes away while sleeping

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The loss of five family members in their sleep on Friday night has shocked and devastated the Amutenyi Community in Obollo-Afor, Udenu Local Council, Enugu State.

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Adolphus Odo’s wife, her two children, and her two sisters had gone to bed on Friday night and were found dead on Saturday morning.

The five deaths have been confirmed by the state’s police, who have also called for an investigation to determine what exactly killed them.

However, it was learned that one of the victims had a friend who went to their home to call her since she had an early morning appointment.

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The friend was alleged to have called repeatedly without receiving a response, setting off an alarm.

When neighbors heard her alarm, they broke down the door to investigate and found all five of them dead.

The Council chairman, Solomon Onah, confirmed the tragedy and stated that the news has plunged the council area into sadness.

He stated:

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“We came across their lifeless bodies early on Saturday. The reason of the fatalities has not yet been determined, however one person has been brought to Enugu Metropolis for an autopsy.

The room where they died had a locally manufactured charcoal burner, but there was no fire on it when we arrived at their home.

“Since they did not use the generator last night, we cannot assume generator emissions. Until we have the results of the autopsy, we cannot determine what caused the incident.

The five family members in the Obollo-Afor community died “sudden and unnaturally,” according to the Enugu State Police Command.

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In a statement released yesterday, the Command’s spokesperson, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Daniel Ndukwe, said the Command has commissioned an inquiry to determine what exactly led to the victims’ deaths.

He stated:

“Mrs. Chinyere Odoh, her two children, Udochukwu Odoh (f), 7, and Chukwuemeka Odoh (m), 4, along with her two sisters, Martina Ezeme and Ngozi Ezeme, died suddenly and unnaturally in their apartment at Amutenyi in the Obollo-Afor community of Udenu. Commissioner of Police for Enugu State Command Ahmed Ammani has directed the State Criminal Investigation and

“The Commissioner has additionally directed that the investigation be thoroughly carried out and ended within the shortest amount of time, while describing the situation as regrettable and extending his condolences to the family members and friends of the deceased victims.

Meanwhile, early evidence suggests that the aforementioned deceased folks went to bed the night before and were not present when the sun rose.

“However, when Police Operatives from Udenu Police Division of the Command, who immediately responded to a distress call on the occurrence, forced-opened the doors of the rooms, their lifeless bodies were discovered inside two different rooms they slept in.

They were taken to the hospital right away, where the attending physicians pronounced them dead. Their bodies were then placed in the mortuary for preservation and autopsy. The progress will be communicated going forward.


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