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Yobe state’s business elite prays fervently for relief from Nigeria’s exorbitant inflation and living expenses

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The United Marketers Association Potiskum (UMAPO), alarmed by Nigeria’s comparatively high cost of living, called for a special prayer meeting to ask God to intervene on behalf of the country’s economy.

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Several adults, children, and religious scholars gathered at the playground of Government Day Secondary School (GDSS) in Potiskum town for a prayer.

Since this problem seemed to have no obvious human answer, they witnessed two units of communal prayer in which people prayed for divine intervention.

The current economic crisis drove them to arrange the prayers to seek God for succor, according to Nasiru Alhaji Mato, Executive Chairman of UMAPO Potiskum, who briefed newsmen at the site of the special prayer.

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He claims that God commands his followers to return to Him in times of trouble, asking for forgiveness and guidance.

“People are gathering under our platform to pray for relief because things are getting harder, people are hungry, and life is getting unbearable day by day; the cost of living is shooting up.”

He went on to say that the high unemployment rate is compounding the problem, and that food and other vital commodity costs have been rising sharply since the gasoline subsidy was eliminated, making life intolerable for many.

He claimed that the federal government’s palliative program is just a stopgap measure and will not solve the problem permanently.

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Mato pleaded with the federal, state, and municipal governments to form a committee to address the high cost of living in Nigeria and propose realistic remedies to stabilize the economy.

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