Economic crisis: PDP governors urge action before things become worse

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors have urged the federal government, which is run by the All Progressives Congress, to step up and deal with the growing crisis before it escalates further.

The governors blamed the nation’s economic and security problems for the present misery that Nigerians are suffering.

Following their meeting on Monday in Abuja, the governors released a communiqué including the following.

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State, who is also the head of the PDP Governors’ Forum, gave out the meeting’s communiqué.

Their demand for the creation of multi-tiered police forces was restated.

The summit took stock of the country’s current situation and acknowledged the difficulties Nigerians are experiencing as a consequence of the country’s economic and security crises.

The Forum emphasized the need for the federal government to take immediate action by coordinating with the subnational governments in order to resolve the challenges in a sustainable way.

But the Forum reassured the public that the PDP governors would keep working to help the people and provide them with security.

In light of this, we stress once again the need of providing state police with adequate protections to forestall the misuse or excess of power by any level of government.

The Forum expressed its disapproval of the Naira’s declining value and urged the monetary and fiscal authorities to address the issue, they concluded.

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