CSO implores Tinubu and NASS to alleviate economic suffering and provide relief to impoverished Nigerians

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A human rights organization has pleaded with President Bola Tinubu and the National Assembly to address the country’s present economic situation.

The president should seek out measures to alleviate the suffering brought about by hyperinflation, instability, and shortages of necessary items, according to the SPANCI (Save the Poor and Needy Charity Initiative).

An open letter was sent to Tinubu and the National Assembly by the Civil Society Group, with the signature of its president, Yemi Ezekiel Bello, making the appeal.

Bello pleaded with Tinubu, Godswill Akpabio, and Tajudeen Abass, the speakers of the house of representatives, to act swiftly before people start dying on the streets, in a letter that was made public to 460PLAY on Tuesday.

The SPANCI writer bemoaned the unexplained skyrocketing prices of goods and services, stating that this has put people in danger of being hungry.

Do something immediately before street deaths start. I can’t stand how the suffering is affecting me. The plight of the people and the economy as a whole is just intolerable, as we respectfully state here at SPANCI (Save the Poor and Needy Charity Initiative).

The consequences of the misery in the country are intolerable, therefore we’re pleading with the president and the national assembly to step in and do something before more people start dying on the streets.

The cost of medical treatment and sustainability for those in need has increased dramatically, and hunger has killed and will kill many more unless something is done soon. People are dying at an alarming rate, and the market prices of consumables and other commodities have risen beyond reasonable limits, making life-threatening hardships even more common.

A situation where a bag of rice costs nearly 80,000 naira, a bag of yam flour around 200,000 naira, garri Oyo for 1,000 naira, a bag of cement around 8,000 naira, sumo roofing sheet about 100,000 naira, Petro 640,000 naira, and cooking gas 1,300 naira per kilogram will further burden people. Quick action is required to revive our economy.

“Your Excellency, we kindly request that you raise workers’ salaries in line with the current economic situation. Additionally, we ask that you improve the welfare of our security operatives. We humbly request that our national assembly reduce excessive spending and cut down on salaries, as they represent the people of their constituency. With this money, we can improve the welfare of our people, which will in turn reduce the rate of kidnapping, banditry, and armed robbery. We must act now, before people start dying on the streets, as stated in section 14 (1) (2) (a) and (b) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended.

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