Choose those that will contribute to your legacy, from Yeni Kuti to Tinubu

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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been urged to appoint qualified ministers who will enable his administration leave a positive legacy by Nigerian media star Yeni Kuti.

She asserted that the president had “all the money” and only requires a legacy.

She recently made this claim while participating in TVC’s Your View.

She argued that rather than rewarding “loyal party members” with ministry positions, President Tinubu should choose skilled technocrats.

“Tinubu has all the money now,” Kuti stated. He is thus no longer in need of money. His legacy—doing the right thing at the right time—is what he needs right now. The timing is right now. He shouldn’t be concerned about their support for him in four years. Nigerians will support you if you’re acting morally.

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