Catholic bishops oppose the National Council of Christian Education’s foundation

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The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria opposed a bill to create the National Council of Christian Education, claiming that it would have violated articles 10 and 42(3) of the Nigerian Constitution.

The bishops gave the Christian Association of Nigeria, which was the organization that first advocated for the bill in the National Assembly, the task of pushing legislation that resolutely addresses, among other things, unprovoked attacks on Christians in the North, rather than one that would violate Nigeria’s secular nature.

The CBCN’s President, Archbishop Lucius Ugorji, and Secretary, Bishop Donatus Ogu, issued a statement rejecting the proposal.

The legislation, which aims to create, control, and approve curricula/content at all levels of Christian education, was supported by Representatives Rimamde Kwewum, Beni Lar, Yusuf Tajudeen, John Dyegh, Solomon Bob, and Benjamin Mzondu.

According to the statement, among other things, the measure was created to accredit courses offered by Christian theological institutes as well as to train teachers of Christian religion at the elementary and secondary levels.

The bill, the Catholic bishops bemoaned, made no exception for seminaries and other religious institutions owned by the various Christian denominations throughout the federation. Citing Section 42 (3) of the 1999 Constitution, they claimed this violated their right to provide instruction and formation in accordance with their respective doctrines.

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