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“By now, we would have at least three or four disqualifications,” – Kiddway

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Kiddwaya, a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars, projected that at least three or four of the contestants may have been flagged for elimination for breaking the rules of the reality competition.

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During a conversation on Wednesday night with his predecessors Adekunle, Pere, and Ike, Kidd—the current Head of House—made the prediction.

After an altercation between Angel and Ilebaye in which the latter threatened to leave the house willingly, the men had the conversation.

“Angel literally said yesterday that she is tired of this crap,” claimed Adekunle. Take a voluntary exit if you like. Leave. Stop whining about being exhausted.

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Kiddwaya implied: “By this point, we may also have had four disqualifications.”

“If you don’t hold any of them [while they are fighting], they will fight,” Pere interjected.

According to 460play, the current season’s roommates have engaged in physical altercations. Ilebaye was taken out of Neo’s bed by Tolanibaj last week, which prompted Biggie to question her.

Prior to that, CeeC and Alex got into an argument over the week’s wager challenge and were on the verge of physical altercation when other housemates stepped in.

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Ilebaye and Angel got into a fight last night after the former challenged the latter about sitting on her box.

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