Bobrisky makes fun of the two women who claimed Davido had gotten them pregnant

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Controversial In response to rumors that well-known artist Davido had an affair with US model Anita Brown, Nigerian cross-dresser Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, a.k.a. Bobrisky, has spoken out.

Remember how Anita accused Davido of getting her pregnant on Instagram?

She also performed a pregnancy test on her live video and released a screenshot of what appeared to be a conversation between them.

Additionally, Ivanna Bay, a Frenchwoman, called Davido out on Wednesday for being the cause of her pregnancy.

Bobrisky responded to the accusations by calling the girls stupid.

He insisted that Nigerians do not give a damn about them and still support Davido.

“All of those girls coming out to announce their pregnancies for Davido are stupid. None of us were present when you were all comfortable around him. Why do you think we care to make this public now? We Davido supporters continue to adore him.

“As for the grandmother in the USA shouting that she doesn’t need Davido’s money, blah blah, why did you decide to bring this out here to the public if you know you don’t need his money?

“Oh, I see. You want visitors to your onlyfan page so you can monetize it more. I’m sorry to tell that the two gals who are claiming to be pregnant are very ugly. You folks should let us rest as we are still purchasing fuel at 510 cents per liter, especially the one in the USA.

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