Partially awarded: Phyna declines N13 million offer in favor of 1 bitcoin and a vacation to the Maldives

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Josephina Otabor, also known as Phyna, the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 7, turned down a sponsorship offer of N13 million from Quidax.

According to 460Play, the winner of Season 7 in 2022, Phyna, has been criticizing the show’s organizers and sponsors for unfulfilled awards.

Phyna was promised 1 BTC by Quidax as part of her awards, but even after two years, they still haven’t delivered.

They met with the reality star after her recent outburst and offered her N13 million, or what they said would be the equivalent of one bitcoin in 2022.

But Phyna stated in a video message that she turned down the offer and demanded the one bitcoin, which she claimed was now worth more than N90 million, in a post that she uploaded on her social media profile.

She was quite particular about receiving her prize—a two-person vacation to the Maldives—and she demanded that the reality show’s producers and sponsors deliver it to her.

I am standing on my two-week trip to the Maldives,” Phyna declared. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten my Maldives plane tickets. Neither Kenya nor Morocco are acceptable choices for me to consider. Anywhere in Africa, like Kenya or Morocco, is within my financial means.

Also, Quidax promised me N13 million, or the value of one bitcoin in 2022. I wanted to tell them that 1 Bitcoin was worth N22 million in November 2022, but they said it was N13.8 million, so I refuted their claim. According to my Google search, one bitcoin was worth around N19 million in November 2022.

I would have approximately N96 million in my wallet right now if Quidax had given me 1 BTC in 2022. Now you’re saying you’re going to pay me N13 million; where does all the money I’ve lost over the last two or three years go?

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