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Bello Turji’s camp at Sokoto was struck by NAF aircraft, resulting in the deaths of three bandit commanders

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At bandit commander Bello Turji’s camp in Kagara woodland, Sokoto State, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) conducted airstrikes, killing three high-ranking bandits and hundreds of men.

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Several hours prior to the airstrikes, terrorists had retaliated against a Civilian Joint Task Force unit at Forward Operating Base Isa, killing seven bandits and seizing seven AK-47 weapons, four motorbikes, and other property.

In a gunfight with the robbers, eight members of the Civilian Joint Task Force met their ultimate fate.

The air component wasted little time in sending planes after receiving intelligence that the assailants were moving away from the Shinkafi axis, according to Zagazola Makama, a security analyst and counterinsurgency specialist in the Lake Chad Region.

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Supposedly, somewhere between Shinkafi and Isa in Kagara Forest, the assailants were being followed by a mango tree.

As a result, many waves of NAF aircraft assaulted the camp, instantly eliminating scores of terrorists.

Ground soldiers ambushed the fleeing bandits in the hamlet of Makwaruwa in Sabon Birni, Isa LGA, and captured them.

According to the damage assessment, 13 bandits suffered injuries of varying degrees, and many prominent bandits, including KACHALLAH UBAN DABA, DAN JANGERU, and DOGO NA HANTS, were slain in the battle. Reportedly, Bello Turji managed to evade the onslaught.

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Zagazola learns that an elementary school in Kagara is treating the injured bandits who were snuck into the city.

According to the accounts, the remaining warriors were so enraged that they attacked the villages of Rijiya Malladan and Harin Shalla in Isa, burning them down and destroying all of the food supplies within.

Nevertheless, the combined forces of Operation Hadarin Daji and the government-backed militia, or Yan sa Kai, managed to drive them back.

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