As PCS extends test invitations to 171,956 candidates, Anambra, Lagos, and Ebonyi fall behind

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The Police Commission Service (PCS) has invited around 171,956 individuals to take aptitude tests.

The 171,956 candidates were individuals who sought for general duty positions, according to a statement released on Thursday by PCS spokesman Ikechukwu Ani.

Among the 171,956 candidates, 146,138 are men and 25,818 are females, as stated in the announcement.

The date of the aptitude tests has been set on March 5, 2024, according to Ani.

He said that JAMB, with its lengthy history of administering such exams, had been given the green light by the commission to administer the assessments.

He went on to say that 13,780 people from Adamawa State would be taking the exams, followed by 12,343 from Kaduna, 10,911 from Bauchi, 10,532 from Benue, and 10,457 from Katsina.

According to him, out of all the states in Nigeria, Anambra has the fewest applicants (343), followed by Lagos (504) and Ebonyi (600).

He elaborated that, before moving on to training, those who did well on the computer-based exams would have to undergo medical exams.

Interested Nigerians were encouraged to apply for the positions of constable and artisans into specialized fields in October 2023 by the PSC and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

He lists the following occupations as part of the list: medical assistant, veterinary assistant, band section, communications or info-tech specialist, driver or mechanic, marine, plumber, mason, painter, tiler, electrician, welder, and carpenter-joiner.

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