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As NSA, Ribadu considers the demands of public service

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As he officially succeeds Maj Gen Monguno, Nuhu Ribadu, NSA, says he reflects on the responsibility he bears in the pursuit of public service.

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The former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, or EFCC, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve this great country once more.

According to 460play On Monday, Ribadu officially began serving as the new NSA.

Prior to his current job, he had previously been nominated by President Bola Tinubu as the Special Adviser on Security.

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Following his installation on Monday, Ribadu issued a message on his Twitter account explaining his decision to wear expensive gifts—babbar riga and shoes—from those who have influenced his life in order to emphasize the gravity of his responsibility.

As he took office, he stated, “I reflect on the responsibility we bear in the pursuit of public service. I made the choice to wear priceless items from persons who have influenced my life in order to emphasize the gravity of the situation:

“The late Dr. Mahmud Tukur gave me a babbar riga, shoes, and a cap; the late IGP Ibrahim Coomassie gave me a headgear. These two guys were outstanding patriots and mentors. Over time, we come to understand how our upbringing, experiences, and the role models we look up to have formed who we are.

But more than just the lessons we’ve learned, what makes us unique is our capacity to put what we’ve learned into practice. I’m appreciative of the heroes I’ve selected and the unique opportunity to serve this wonderful country once more.

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