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Ali Nuhu slams Davido for approving his signee’s ‘offensive’ video as being wholly inappropriate

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Ali Nuhu, a well-known actor, has criticized Davido for the contentious music video for his signee, Logos Olori’s latest track, “Jaye Lo.”

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According to 460play Davido received criticism after posting a brief clip from the music video on Twitter that showed people dancing and worshipping in front of a mosque.

Nuhu responded on his Instagram page, calling the behavior seen in the video “totally unacceptable in Islam.”

The actor encouraged Davido to remove the video and express regret for “hurting” Muslims.

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He said, “As much as we want to be innovative in our many industries, we should learn to respect other people’s religion, culture, and heritage. I just came across the contentious video by @davido.

“In Islam, this is wholly unacceptable. You ought to remove that video and express regret for hurting the entire Muslim community.

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