Ajaero views the warning strike’s first day as a big success

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The first day of the warning strike announced by the union was deemed to be quite effective by Comrade Joe Ajaero, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress.

Although unions connected to the Trade Union Congress obviously abstained from the strike, which shut down operations in the nation’s capital on Tuesday, Ajaero claimed that the workforce’s support and compliance, including that of civil society organizations, was extremely widespread and motivating.

In a statement, he stated, “This is to applaud all Nigerian workers for the actions of all our affiliates and State Councils for the massive support and efforts at ensuring that the first day of the nationwide warning strike took off with a resounding success throughout the nation.

“You have all shown that your decisions and words are always supported by your deeds. The message has undoubtedly reached those who doubt our will to carry out our goals because it has reverberated throughout the nation today. We are happy to let you know that all of our goals for the first day were successfully accomplished thanks to the high level of compliance that the federation as a whole experienced as a consequence of your combined efforts.

Congress commends you all for your dedication to making sure that the justifications for the warning strike were met at this time. As we move to the second and final day of the nationwide strike, we, however, urge you all to continue with the same fervor and dedication that saw the great success that was recorded today in order to assure a perfect success of the entire exercise.

In addition to thanking all Nigerian workers and the general public for their patience as we struggle through this difficult time, we urge everyone to work together to make sure that any gaps identified during today’s action are closed so that tomorrow’s action will be a complete success.

“It is our civic obligation to make sure that we are successfully governed and that those in power always answer to the people! With your sustained support, our country will undoubtedly improve for all of us. We are devoted to that.

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