AIG cautions Rivers police officers from extorting people at roadblocks

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Officers of the Rivers State Police Command have received advice from Ben Okolo, the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 16 in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State, to uphold justice and fairness in the performance of their responsibilities.

AIG Okolo, who offered the advice during a familiarization visit to the Rivers State Command, warned command officials against using checkpoints as extortion hotspots, stressing that checkpoints are designed to help fight crime.

He praised the work of state command agents and reaffirmed their responsibility for maintaining the safety and tranquility of the public realm.

According to the AIG, in order for the police to be successful operationally and maintain the public’s trust, they must treat people with dignity.

Catching armed robbers is secondary, he claimed. So, if you can quiet the region, you’ve done a great job. In the event that you manage to apprehend the criminals, you have similarly succeeded. Therefore, this order has succeeded in both senses. The IG is not aware of your accomplishments or dedication.

He continued, “The IG emphasized that as Nigeria Police officers, we must make sure that we defend justice, fairness, and human dignity. He promised to make sure we all reinstate the standards and ideals of the Nigeria Police.

“Our values include acting morally. We could have some people who have sworn that the Nigerian Police will be portrayed negatively, but we won’t let that happen.

Nwonyi Polycarp-Emeka, the commissioner of police for the state of Rivers, discussed the Command’s difficulties earlier in his statement, including the lack of weapons and ammunition.

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