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I made an attempt to replicate Singer Beyoncé – Fireboy

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According to Nigerian musician Fireboy, DML, he once tried to mimic Beyoncé’s stage presence.

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But he said he was unable to keep up with the multi-Grammy winner’s rhythmic style.

Fireboy remarked that he took it upon himself to better his presentation on stage by engaging in artist development.

“Even when I was writing my saddest songs, I used to imagine myself playing them in front of millions of people,” he stated in a recent interview with RollingStone. When I make music, I always picture myself performing it.

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Bringing that enthusiasm from the recording room to the stage is, therefore, second nature to me. Making sure I enjoy myself is what’s important to me. When I’m having fun, everyone else is too. Gradually, I studied, took voice lessons, and learnt from the masters.

I once attempted to mimic Beyoncé’s performance. Yet I was only able to endure for a day and a half.

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