Account for the billions that have been given to your foundation, Daniel Regha yells at DJ Cuppy

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Famous Nigerian disc jockey and producer Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, often known as DJ Cuppy, has been questioned by well-known social media critic Daniel Regha about the billions of naira contributed to her foundation.

In response to a picture Cuppy posted on Twitter, Regha questioned her.

Cuppy tweeted in response to a photo she posted of herself wearing a new outfit: “You didn’t sneeze but I blessed your timeline.”

Daniel Regha responded by criticizing Cuppy for what he claimed was her failure to account for the billions of Naira given to her organization in 2019.

“Cuppy, you still haven’t given a breakdown of the billions given to the Cuppy Foundation since 2019. Also, remember that you haven’t followed through on your promise to help kids.

“People may have forgotten about it, but the general public hasn’t. Get the job done. By the way, nice attire,” he wrote.

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