According to Sowore Tinubu provided perks to fired Service Chiefs to prevent a coup

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Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate for the African Action Congress, AAC, in 2023, has responded to the news that President Bola Tinubu gave the ousted Service Chiefs enticing retirement benefits.

Sowore urged that Tinubu provide the retirement benefits to the ousted Service Chiefs to prevent them from overthrowing his government.

The Inspector-General of Police, Advisers, and Comptroller-General of Customs were all fired last week by order of Tinubu.

He replaced them right away.

According to sources, the Chief of Defence Staff and the service chiefs received bulletproof sport utility vehicles, personal assistants, guards, and other perks of office upon retirement, including significant allowances for international medical care.

Sowore responded by claiming that the attempt to have him removed while he was in France was to blame for the package.

Sowore stated in a tweet that “these mouth-watering retirement offers to these suddenly retired Nigerian military top brass sounds like they held Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu @ABATMediaCentre to ransom because they knew something the general public didn’t know about his ‘Presidency.'” also choice.

“I believe the rumor of their (military’s) plan to kill @officialABAT before his return from France may be true after all,” the author speculated. In order to consolidate Tinubu’s leadership, ordinary Nigerians’ interests have thus far been sacrificed.

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