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“You decided to make a scene,” the police retaliate against Laide Bakare

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Popular Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has received backlash from the Lagos State police command for allegedly harassing its policemen.

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The command’s spokeswoman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, responded to the accusation in a post on X, saying that although Bakare was stopped for breaking traffic regulations, he made the decision to cause a disturbance.

“You were pulled over for utilizing the BRT lane in violation of the traffic regulations.

“You decided to set up a situation. When your car was being driven to the LAMATA office, you made the decision to stay outside of it.

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And the cops were not going to fall for your ploy to restrain them there.

“You made the N70,000 payment into the government’s coffers to make up for your offense. You weren’t touched with any force. You drove off with your car and the receipt.

According to 460PLAY, the actress claimed that the cops had pulled her out of her car and driven off with her teenage daughter inside in a now-viral post.


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