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You cannot accuse me of offenses that you have committed. Offset answers to Cardi B

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Belcalis Almanzar, better known by her stage as Cardi B, has hit back at her husband Offset for claiming she had an affair.

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Offset alleged that his wife had an affair with a member of his “gang” in a now-deleted Instagram post.

She responded to the accusation on Twitter on Monday, saying Offset was making the claim because he had already had sex with another woman.

Additionally, Cardi B pleaded with her followers to ignore Offset.

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“You can’t accuse me of the things you know you have committed, and I can see that it’s convenient for you to put the blame for everything on me,” she remarked.

“You guys shouldn’t pay any attention to that country dude.

“Come on, motherfuckers, forget I’m Cardi B,” she exclaimed. I would be out if I were to give anyone access to my body. I stand out from the crowd.

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