Yobe is in danger from drought, flooding, and desertification, according to Governor Buni

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The governor of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni, stated that the agrarian state is at risk from a number of natural disasters, including drought, flooding, soil erosion, desertification, and encroachment.


When the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies’ Senior Executive Course 45, 2023, participants arrived in the state for a study tour, Buni made this statement.

The governor also informed the attendees that the majority of the state’s population is made up of farmers; as a result, the natural factors are adversely affecting crop yields, income, and general well-being of the population, posing a threat to global food security. The governor was represented by the Acting Secretary to the State Government, Baba Malam Wali.

“However, we have been making a concerted effort in terms of public sensitization and enlightenment, tree planting campaigns, and the provision of alternative energy sources like fuel-efficient stoves, gas cookers, and kerosene stoves to members of the public at subsidized rates to decrease pressure on firewood on our weak vegetation cover project.


He added, “The State also participates in the Great Green Wall project.

Buni argued that the study tour’s theme, “Industrialization, Energy, Security, and Climate Change in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges, and Prospect,” captures contemporary development issues that call for multifaceted approaches to address the global human development challenges.

In order to address pertinent issues for socioeconomic advancement and prosperity, Buni hoped that at the conclusion of your study tour, you would develop broad-reaching proposals that may help Yobe State in particular and the Nation at large.


Professor Jane Ande, the delegation’s leader and director of staff, thanked the Yobe State government for welcoming the team with open arms and asserted that Nigeria could not advance as a country without industrialisation.

Therefore, she continued, “we must have such in order for our GDP to increase.”

The participants are anticipated to interact with important figures from the agriculture, energy, security, and environment sectors while they are in Yobe State.


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