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Why we took former governor Orji Kalu to court – Bauchi Indigenous People

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Senator Orji Uzo Kalu, a former governor of Abia State, has been brought before the Bauchi State High Court by two natives of that state.

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The natives of Bauchi said that their behavior was motivated by the senator’s decision not to run for president in 2023.

The plaintiffs, Aliyu Ladan and Lawan Abdullahi, told a press conference in Bauchi that they had a deal with Kalu to run for president in 2023 on the APC platform, but that Kalu was hesitant to express his intention.

The plaintiffs said that because they are aware of Kalu’s capabilities, they support him being elected as Nigeria’s future leader. They also claimed that only a strategic thinker, such as the former governor of Abia State, could save the nation from its dire situation at the moment.

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They also stated that they went before the court, which was presided over by Justice Mohammed A. Sambo, to compel the Senate Chief Whip to not only abide by their agreement with him but also declare his intention to run for president in the general election of 2023.

“We are aware of his ability to alter the situation and turn adversity into opportunity. He’d carried it out in Abia State. Despite its difficulties, Kalu improved the Abia people’s character in Nigeria.

We agreed with him last February 2 that he will run for president as a result of his praiseworthy accomplishments and leadership ability, but he has been reticent to proclaim his interest.

“Kalu is a person with the power and ability to alter the national narratives. He is a man of vision and purpose, a mentor to many people, a vibrant Nigerian, a supporter of justice, a trailblazing politician, a skilled administrator, and a master strategist. In actuality, he is a blessing for all Nigerians, not only Igbo.

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We are in court because we want the judge to honor our decision to run for president of Nigeria. We want the court to order Kalu to declare his intention to run for president in the 2023 general election on the APC or any other party’s platform.

The plaintiffs requested that the court order Kalu to start his preparations and set up all required infrastructure in order to run for president.

The two said that numerous reputable organizations from all six of the nation’s geopolitical zones were urging Kalu to run for president in 2023, saying that they believed the former governor was qualified to lead Nigeria and bring about excellent governance.

They claimed that Kalu had won the hearts of all Nigerians due to his credibility, honesty, and ability to deliver, and they added that “Kalu has deep ties with all Nigerians across divides and he has never disappointed in any of these relations.

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“He is a man of his words and trustworthy. He knows many Nigerians and has numerous enterprises in both the North and South of the country. He has never let anyone down whether it comes to purchasing or selling.

We believe he is deserving because we are confident that he will carry out his promises and refrain from doing anything he says he won’t. Nigerians are always sincere with him because he is sincere with them.

They asserted that Kalu’s managerial ability, experience, and national appeal put him in the ideal position to lead Nigeria in 2023 and asked the ruling All Progressives Congress to start the adoption process of him as its sole presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, they reported that Justice Sambo had instructed them to serve Kalu with the originating summons in the complaint, designated BA/331/2021, in Abuja outside the court’s jurisdiction, even though their case against the former governor had been postponed to January 27, 2022, for hearing.

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