Why I declined a banking position – Ric Hassani, singer

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Sensational Nigerian singer Ric Hassani described leaving his banking job on the first day of classes.

The singer of “Gentleman” claimed he received a job offer from one of the state’s commercial banks but turned it down after getting a call to sing at a wedding in Lagos.

He claimed that while he was getting ready to start at his new work, a show promoter called to inform him that he had been hired to play at a luxury wedding in Lagos.

Rekado Bankz, he claimed, had already been incorrectly scheduled to perform at the wedding since he has a song with the title “Ladies and Gentlemen,” but the bride realized the error when she asked for a singer who would sing “Gentleman,” not “Ladies and Gentlemen.”

The Port Harcourt-born musician made this claim while appearing as a guest on the most recent episode of Quincy Jonze’s audiovisual podcast Echo Room.

“I got a bank job,” Ric Hassani announced. I doubt that I can still identify the bank. Shody The Turnup King called me for a gig in Lagos on the precise day I planned to go [resume]. He was the first person to give me a performance of “Gentleman” in Lagos. At that time, I was in Port Harcourt.

“As I prepared to start my first day of work at the bank, this guy called and asked me to come do a job. Wow!”

“And I simply stopped answering the bank’s call, and I have been in Lagos ever since.”

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