What I anticipate from young Nigerians — Charly Boy

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Charly Boy, a maverick artist, has urged young people in Nigeria to “reject the system that let them down.”

He made the call while tweeting a video of French rioters torching some buildings.

This isn’t Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, claims Charlyboy. In France, where only 9% of the population lives, entire cities have been destroyed!

“I’m waiting for the extraordinary Nigerian youth to rebel against a system that failed them.

“African retribution? Destiny has no control.

After a 17-year-old was shot by police on Tuesday near Paris, France was shaken by a wave of protests.

The unrest led to travel advisories and a ban on protests in some areas.

While riot police forces engaged in intense combat with protesters, images emerged of people torching cars and scaling broken-window buildings.

In reaction to the turmoil, French President Emmanuel Macron called an urgent conference of ministers in an effort to heal differences and bring the nation together during his second term.

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