The military junta in Niger forms a new administration

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The Republic of Niger’s military rulers, who took control in a coup in July, said on Thursday that they had established a new government.

The 21-member government of Niger will be led by Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine, with the defense and interior ministries being run by generals from the new military ruling council.

The nation’s capital, Abuja, will be overrun by top diplomats from the United Nations, African Union, and Economic Community of West African States on Thursday (today) for an extraordinary summit on the political development of the Niger Republic.

Recall that the Niger military junta severed diplomatic ties with Nigeria when the ECOWAS representative sent there to mediate peace negotiations came up empty-handed.

Mohamed Bazoum, the democratically elected president of Niger, was deposed by a military coup last month.

The West African region is currently experiencing increasing tension.

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