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Unidentified visitors would be fired from the Kwara community to assess security

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After four of its natives were kidnapped last week, the Isanlu-Isin community in the Isin Local Government of Kwara State revised its security plan.

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In a search and rescue operation organized by the state commissioner of police, Ebunoluwarotimi Adelesi, police tactical teams, hunters, and vigilantes freed four locals who had been kidnapped from their town on Thursday.

The traditional council, Isanlu Isin Development Association, and important stakeholders have implemented various urgent security steps to prevent the recurrence of the security breaches.

According to 460play, the recent breaches were attributed to a lack of cohesion and discord, therefore the local vigilantes and hunters were forced to reaffirm their oaths of allegiance and promises in order to make sure that any bad apples or sellouts among them are dealt with.

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According to a statement by Jacob Ayanda, national publicity secretary of the Isanlu-Isin Development Association, the Oluode will now coordinate all security organizations in the town to guarantee that they all have the same goals moving ahead.

It stated that a fresh security patrol car had also been bought and would soon be used to patrol every road heading to Isanlu-Isin.

The statement further insisted that all recognized groups residing in the town must be fully registered and threatened to show the way out of the town to any foreigner who was not properly identified.

It stated that all non-indigenous people must henceforth have identity cards with unique designs, and all strangers and wanderers who are trespassing on territory near Isanlu Isin will no longer be tolerated.

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The declaration guaranteed the safety of both indigenous people and non-indigenous people whenever they enter and leave Isanlu-Isin.

More security measures are on the way and are already in place, according to the traditional head of the town, Oba Solomon Oloyede, the Olusin of Isanlu Isin, and Chairman Isin Traditional Council.

He pleaded with people who had sincere commercial interests in the community not to be deterred by the recent unrest.

A 24-hour police patrol and surveillance of the Isanlu-Isin and Ijara-Isin routes has been ordered by the Kwara State Commissioner of Police.

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