Navy seizes N8.6 billion worth of items after deactivating 41 illicit refining plants

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In just three weeks, Operation Delta Sanity’s troops have confiscated crude oil and other products worth N8.6 billion, deactivated 41 illicit refining sites, and taken action against those responsible.

Rear Adm. Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, the Director of Naval Information, made this revelation public in a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday.

Oil theft and illicit oil bunkering are problems in Nigeria’s maritime environment, according to Ayo-Vaughan. To address this, the Nigerian Navy deployed multiple platforms for the operation.

From February 5th to the 22nd, a grand total of 51 wooden boats and 3 fiber ones were captured, while 288 dugout pits, 85 reservoirs, and 104 illicit refining ovens were leveled, according to him.

The amount of crude oil, gas, and kerosene that were recovered was 60,815.77 barrels, or N8.1 billion, N497.4 million, and N5.5 million, respectively, according to him.

“The oil thieves were denied a total of N8.6 billion, which they could have used to engage in activities that undermine national security and prosperity,” he mentioned.

The naval spokesman stated that on February 19, activities were carried out by the Forward Operation Base, FOB, FORMOSO in Bayelsa in the broad areas of Brass River, Akassa, Lagosgbene, Tebidaba, and Oyeregbene.

Ayo-Vaughan elaborated by saying that during the raid, the crew found an illicit refinery and two wooden boats loaded with 62.9 barrels, or 10,000 liters, of what seemed to be stolen crude oil.

Everything was taken care of properly, including dismantling the site and towing the boats and items, as far as he is concerned.

In connection therewith, anti-crude oil theft activities were carried out by FOB ESCRAVOS near the Aghor-Kutu Community in the Warri Southern Local Government Area of Delta on February 19.

During the operations, the crew found an IRS, three ovens, a reservoir, a pumping machine, ten jerricans, and thirty-eight drums filled with what seemed to be 195.9 barrels (31,150 liters) of crude oil that had been stolen.

The Illegal Refining Site was subsequently destroyed and the products were hauled to a secure location where they were processed properly.

Between February 20 and 22, the NN Ship PATHFINDER raided a car wash that was holding unlawfully refined items in Borikiri, Rivers, as well as the surrounding areas of Abuloma, Abonnema, Woji, and Taraba jetty.

The squad found 60 barrels, one IRS, seven furnaces, and two reservoirs filled with around 120,000 liters of what seems to be illegally processed gas, according to his statement.

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