Top teams will win Euro 2024, according to SuperComputer

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This year’s Euro 2024 favorites have been predicted by a SuperComputer.

At Munich’s Allianz Arena, the Euro 2024 competition will begin on June 14, with hosts Germany taking on Scotland.

Though there are twenty-four teams in this year’s competition, Opta’s SuperComputer ranks England as the overwhelming favorite to claim victory on July 14.

The Three Lions, managed by Gareth Southgate, now have a nearly 19.9 percent probability of becoming the competition’s seventeenth champions.

The current odds for England to make it to the quarterfinals are 70%, for the semi-finals they are 48.2%, and for the final they are 31.1%.

After that came France, who had a 19.1% probability of winning and a 30.4% chance of making it to the final.

Even though they are playing at their home stadium, the hosts, Germany, only have a 12.4% probability of winning the tournament.

Meanwhile, Italy, the defending champions, are facing even worse odds, with just a 11.4% probability of reaching the final and a meager 5% chance of preserving their championship.

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