There are 4,700 teaching positions in Nasarawa, and over 20,000 people are applying

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For the primary school teaching posts that were posted lately, the Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board (NSUBEB) got more than 20,000 applications.

Mr. Joseph Mainasara, a Permanent Member of the board, made the revelation on Monday during the continuing screening process in Wamba.

If he were in charge, the state government would hire only 4,700 people who met the qualifications for the position.

He said that after the first round of screening, only qualified individuals will be hired, and that this will be accomplished by having them complete a written test.

Public school educators in the state have long voiced their dissatisfaction with the state’s educational system, citing low pay, inadequate benefits, and serious infrastructure problems as reasons for calling on the state government to take action.

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