The Tinubu administration will have a hard time meeting the N100,000 minimum salary, according to the presidency

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According to President Bola Tinubu’s Special Adviser on Information and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga, the Nigerian government would have a hard time setting a new minimum salary of N100,000.

This was revealed by Onanuga on Monday during an interview that 460PLAY watched on Arise Television.

He claimed that the present status of the country’s finances meant that even if a new minimum salary of N100,000 were to be authorized, the federal and state governments would be unable to pay their employees.

To back up his claim, Onanuga mentioned that the majority of state governors are already having trouble paying the current minimum salary.

During the previous round, which occurred under President Buhari and saw a wage hike to N30,000 per month, he informed the audience that 26 state governments were unable to pay the new amount, with only 10 of the 36 actually making payments.

“Either the other parties have not paid the full amount or they have simply made some improvements. The majority of the 26 state governments, however, are unable to comply, according to those who have been monitoring it.

“Will the Federal Government be able to pay, regardless of what the government wants to do now, even if wages are increased to 100,000 naira?”

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