The first rain of 2024 has fallen in Jigawa

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The long-awaited first rain of 2024 has fallen in multiple regions of Jigawa State, kicking off the harvest season.

Local farmers are going all out in preparation for what should be a bountiful harvest season.

As the local agricultural community view the rains as a good sign for the impending planting season, they have voiced their excitement and relief.

Some areas of Jigawa State saw rain over Thursday night and into Friday.

After the rains, farmers in Jigawa didn’t waste any time getting their fields ready to grow.

Little farmer Munkaila stated he was ready to start cultivating his land whenever it rained.

The first rain, he added, arrived earlier than in years past.

A local of Dutse named Malam Muhammad has spoken out about how the first rain is a sign that Allah SWA is sending help to ease the people’s hardships.

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