SSG The Zamfara Government will never engage in negotiations with outlaws

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On Tuesday, the Zamfara State Government swore never to bargain with bandits or other criminal elements.

Alhaji Abubakar Nakwada, the State Government’s Secretary, said this to reporters in Gusau.

He claims that the current administration has no intention of conversing with any bandit leader or their representative in the sake of a peace agreement that has never succeeded.

He did, however, express the state government’s will to continue fighting the bandits and those who support them until they are vanquished.

He claimed that the state administration would rigorously engage with security organizations to ensure that the war against insecurity reached the bandits’ front doors.

He said that Mohammed Bello Matawalle’s administration, which he succeeded, squandered numerous billions of naira on ineffective projects that had little to do with the general populace’s welfare.

“Matawalle’s administration spent more than N10 billion on buying utility cars, although there is no valid documentation to support the assertion. Some of the automobiles were shared by friends, and our administration will use whatever legal means at its disposal to get those vehicles back, he said.

In addition to urging the state’s citizens to support the government’s policies and programs, he stated that the current administration wants to use this medium to inform the state’s good citizens that all land allocations to individuals, groups, or outside parties have been revoked because they were not made in the public interest.

He claimed that the current government’s policies and programs were designed to lessen or ease the suffering of the general populace.

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