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“Some powerful individuals are using influential people for sexual favors” – tolanibaj

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Reality TV personality and disc jockey Tolanibaj of Big Brother Naija has made the accusation that influential Nigerians are being used for “sexual favours” by others in positions of power.

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She asserted that there are influences that engage in questionable activities that they are ashamed of.

The actress Moet Abebe and TBaj are co-hosts of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, and in their most recent edition, TBaj indicated that she would not reveal identities in order to prevent legal disputes.

She spoke out against powerful individuals who use influential people for sexual favors. People of all genders. For financial gain, some young male influencers engage in questionable practices.

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For fear of being handcuffed, I refuse to identify anyone. Avoiding arrest is my first priority.

The economy is tough, therefore I don’t see why someone would do what they are doing just to make ends meet. My advice is to prioritize self-respect and pride.

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