Smugglers and hoarders of food to be targeted by NAQS

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More officers from the Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service are stationed at land and sea borders in an effort to thwart those who would stockpile or smuggle agricultural goods.

The action was made to support the Federal Government’s efforts to stabilize food prices countrywide and promote food security, according to the agency’s Monday statement.

The National Agrarian Quality Standards System (NAQS) has launched a countrywide campaign against agricultural commodity smuggling and hoarding in support of the federal government’s endeavors to stabilize food prices and guarantee food security.

As part of its mission to govern the handling of agricultural products in Nigeria, the agency has taken this immediate measure to guarantee that the country’s citizens have access to safe, reasonably priced food.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to support the Renewed Hope Agenda of the current administration, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to bolstering our borders and reducing the smuggling of agricultural commodities that have been hoarded,” the statement stated.

In 2017, NAQS was formed with the purpose of preventing the introduction, establishment, and spread of pests and illnesses that affect aquatic resources, animals, and plant-based products into the nation.

The agency announced that additional police have been sent to the borders in order to combat the problem of food stockpiling and smuggling.

“The National Agrarian Quality Standard (NAQS) is tightening its grip on all points of entrance and departure in an effort to curb the illicit smuggling and hoarding of agricultural commodities.

To make sure no agricultural product leaves the nation, “officials of the agency are working relentlessly across the country’s borders and control posts, performing thorough inspections and monitoring,” the statement continued.

The public is encouraged to report any suspicious activity associated with the hoarding or smuggling of agricultural commodities, according to Dr. Godwin Audu, the acting Comptroller-General of the agency.

As previously reported by 460play, the Nigeria Customs Service announced on Monday that it had apprehended fifteen trailers laden with food products as they were attempting to exit the nation over the border in Sokoto State.

As part of efforts to bring food costs down nationwide in accordance with a federal mandate, the trailers were reportedly halted and the goods returned to Nigeria.

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