Next year’s 8th Kogi Assembly will be better than the ones before it — Adejoh, the head of the Judiciary Committee

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According to Halidu Adejoh Usman, a lawmaker from the Idah constituency in Kogi State and the head of the House Committee on Judiciary and Justice, the legislators are prepared to approve more impact measures than any previous assembly.

While addressing reporters Monday following a public hearing on multiple proposals in Lokoja’s Kogi State Assembly complex, Usman revealed this information.

Bills, in his view, are meant for the whole population. This is our principal duty as a government agency.

Inviting all relevant parties to participate in discussions before to a bill’s ultimate approval ensures that it will not be perceived as anti-people.

“This is exactly what we did today by bringing in all the important players and asking for their opinions.”

“For the anti-corruption bill, there is a saying that evil unchecked grows and the ones you tolerate poison the system,” he remarked, referring to one of the legislation discussed during the public hearing. We shall be able to keep ourselves in check if Kogi State has an anti-graft agency.

We can’t sit around and hope that the ICPC or some other anti-graft body shows up to investigate. Before any external entity, we shall ensure our own integrity.

For our state, this is basically ideal. Thus, the state will be able to expand. Corruption is pervasive throughout the economy.

The legislation has been “domesticated” in Kano, he continued. It demonstrates that our state is actively striving for improvement, and we are having it again in Kogi.

“You could hear the views of all the stakeholders present who all placed emphasis on the need to look into the activities of service providers in Kogi State,” he added, referring to the bill for the formation of an energy regulating body in Kegi State.

We are here for the people, and this measure examines how consumers are not necessarily protected.

This public hearing has attracted a large number of individuals who are eager to voice their perspectives on the matter.

Electricity payments are paid, yet service is not provided. The re-address of all these concerns will be facilitated by this measure.

Estimated costs and dubious numbers are causing many Nigerians to be billed without meters.

Therefore, this measure will aid state citizens in understanding their rights in cases where regulatory bodies attempt to violate such rights.

A well-coordinated house is the present eighth Assembly, Usman added. In my opinion, we will be able to break the previous record set at the last assembly.

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