Shehu Sani compares black people in Southern Kaduna to South Africans during apartheid

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The people of Southern Kaduna have been governed by the APC for the last eight years, and Senator Shehu Sani, a former lawmaker, has compared their plight to that of “blacks in South Africa during the apartheid regime.”

He expressed his congratulations to the Southern Kaduna people for enduring the most trying time of their lives under Nasir El-Rufai’s APC government, calling it the most trying time in the state’s history for any leader.

Sani stated, “I am always so passionate about the people of Southern Kaduna because the area occupies a special place not only in Kaduna state but in Nigeria as a whole.” Sani was speaking as the chairman of a party organized by supporters of Senator Sunday Katung Marshal in Kaduna on Saturday.

He praised the people for their resolve to support the PDP and its candidates in every election and for standing their ground in the face of adversity to protect their ancestral lands at all costs.

He urged the populace to pray and support Senator Sunday Katung Marshal and other local officials so that they would be successful in their official duties and would lead their people out of Egypt and into the promised land.

Isa Ashiru, the PDP candidate for governor in the state’s 2023 election, urged Senator Sunday Katung Marshal and other members from the zone to stay focused and deliver the people by taking all necessary steps to restore the region’s prosperity.

In his response, Senator Sunday Katung Marshal thanked the program’s organizers and said it was a challenge for him and other local representatives to carry out their duties and give the zone’s residents a better quality of life.

He claimed, “I decided that I was going to communicate with my brothers from the State House of Assembly and House of Representatives to make sure that we do an assessment of the Senatorial District to genuinely grasp what the people really expect. This is what we’ve done; it’s what we’ve articulated, and it’s all about security. With security, people can operate their companies, visit their farms, and send their kids to school without incident.

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