Senate removes age restriction from job postings

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The Senate has passed a measure banning age restrictions in job postings.

The resolution was introduced on the Senate floor on Tuesday by Patrick Abba Moro, the senator who represents the Benue South senatorial constituency.

“It is pitiful that a graduate in Nigeria who was unable to find employment after graduation and decided to return to school in the hope that a higher degree or a second or Master’s degree could provide him with a better employment opportunity is thrown into a career paradox when, upon completion of his Master’s, he finds that he is now over the age of employment and is therefore not employable by virtue of his age,” said Moro.

According to him, such discrimination violates Section 42 (2) of Chapter 4 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Constitution.

He drew senators’ attention to ILO rules that forbid including an applicant’s age in job advertisements and added that discrimination based on age has prevented many people from realizing their potential and improving the global economy. He insisted that Nigeria cannot be any different.

The legislator emphasized that Nigerians can still join the National Youth Service Corps at age 30, calling it ironic that some organizations view those over 30 as unemployed. He claimed that this is an obvious violation of applicants’ basic human rights.

He demanded that policies be developed by the Federal Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Productivity that would instantly enshrine equality.

The Senate adopted a resolution requesting that the Labour Ministry rewrite its policies to do away with age restrictions in job adverts following debates on the motion during the plenary session presided over by Senate President Godswill Akpabio.

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