Rio Ferdinand yells at Sancho, “Sit on the bench or go to Saudi Arabia”

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Jadon Sancho has been advised by former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand to sign with a Saudi Arabian team or accept a bench position with the team.

For their 3-1 loss to Arsenal, manager Erik ten Hag benched Sancho.

Ten Hag asserted during the game that he made the choice according on the player’s attitude over the week’s worth of practice.

Sancho, in a shocking turn of events, claimed that the allegations were “completely untrue” and that he had been used as a “scapegoat” in a message posted on social media.

“There’s no way Jadon is putting out a statement like that if he hasn’t in his own eyes performed well,” Ferdinand stated on Vibe with Five.

“That’s another distinction. Jadon may believe that his training was enough based on his chart, but the manager may have different expectations. This can finish in one of two ways.

“Saudi Arabia is the only window that is now open. Or you sit on the sidelines or are excluded from the team for the remainder of the year.

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