Representative sobs at the invasion of the Kaduna village

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Auwal Umar Bijimi, a member of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, has expressed outrage at the kidnapping of his constituents.

Bijimi, who represents the Giwa West Constituency, claimed that bandits frequently target residents in Kaduna State’s Giwa Local Government Area by taking advantage of a broken bridge.

On Wednesday, he sounded the alarm in the State House Assembly.

He claims that in order to further their illegal activities, the bandits have set up obstacles at the bridge that has been compromised.

He claimed that because of the attacks, locals had to leave their ancestral houses.

The legislator stated, “The urgency of the matter led me to present it during this session of the State Assembly as an issue of immediate public importance for government and security personnel to take immediate action to arrest the situation.”

The congressman went on to say that given the ongoing wet season, it is essential that the bulk of the people living in those communities work in agriculture.

He urged the state government to act quickly to support the impacted citizens by providing temporary shelters, relief supplies, and food supplies, highlighting the significance of rebuilding the destroyed bridge to restore connectivity and enable normal living for the locals.

In order to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and economic stability of the afflicted communities and the entire State, he bemoaned the catastrophic situation, saying it required quick attention and coordinated measures.

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