Real Warri Pikin Discusses Surgery for Weight Loss

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Real Warri Pikin, a prominent Nigerian comedienne and actress, Anita Asuoha, has talked openly about her inspiring weight loss journey.
The performer revealed her change on her YouTube profile and said she had surgery.

She said her spouse had been worried about her health and had pushed her to have surgery.

The decision to perform the surgery, according to Warri Pikin, was challenging since it took a lot of bravery.

The comedian remembered how after working out at the gym multiple times and eating healthy meals, she was unable to achieve the desired results.

Ikechukwu now tells me to say I must undergo weight loss surgery because he does not want to lose me, the woman stated. For me, it was such a trying period.

It became a very difficult time for me as I tried to decide whether to have weight loss surgery in order to help me lose weight and be healthy. “This was like January 2023, I’ll cry, I’ll go back to the gym, I’ll work out, I’ll eat right, but eye go dey turn me because I no fit chop what I suppose to chop.

It was such a challenging moment for me. “And then I’m trying to do it organically; everyone around me has made up their minds except for me.

At the end of the day, I just said to myself, “Baby, I’m ready, let’s do this,” and I made the hardest choice of my life by having weight loss surgery.

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