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Power committee warmly welcomes TCN, which makes a plea for financial support

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On Monday, TCN CEO Sule Ahmed Abdulaziz spoke with the Senate Committee on Power in an effort to secure funding for continuing initiatives.

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Senate Committee on electricity Chairman Enyinnaya Abaribe convened a meeting of the committee to hear TCN’s perspective on the difficulties of electricity transmission and the ways in which lawmakers may help.

Engr. Sule Abdulaziz said that TCN is prioritizing grid expansion through rehabilitation and reinforcement projects in response to rising electrical demand, as reported in an official TCN article. More than 100 projects are now underway around the country at TCN.

Some of these initiatives have stagnated owing to a lack of funding, therefore he begged the Committee to assist TCN in finding a way to finish them.

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Problems with Right of Way, transmission installation vandalism, and other similar concerns are delaying the project’s completion.

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