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Police in Rivers designate former insurgent commander Gen. Asabuja wanted

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Gabriel “General” Asabuja, a former insurgent commander in the Niger Delta, has been proclaimed wanted by the Rivers State Police Command.

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Asabuja was listed as sought after a video of him making threats went viral during the turmoil that was roiling the state’s local government councils.

According to state Commissioner of Police Tunji Disu, there was a great deal of fear produced by the Asabuja video.

Disustated, “That video caused a lot of panic in the state,” during her Tuesday appearance on Politics Today on Channels Television. It worries everyone, even those who live outside the state.

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We will not be amused by it, I want to reassure you. We’ve started taking action. When the moment was right, we would grab him. There are a lot of folks like him that we have.

“You cannot set up a camera, start shooting, threaten people, and then expect the police to stand by and let them not move or carry out their assigned duties in the community.

“We are aiming for it. He has been invited, but he has declined, so we will still go ahead and do what we want. We have him under observation. People want to see him. That is accurate.

After their terms ended, previous local government chairmen and the state governor, Sim Fubara, were at one other’s throats.

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Fubara has swore in new caretaker chairs rather than extending the terms of the outgoing chairmen.

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