Nigeria will still be plagued by the ghosts of Islamic Movement and EndSARS demonstrators who were killed

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Shehu Sani, a former politician, claims that unless justice is served, the ghosts of the Islamic Movement’s victims in 2015 and the 2020 EndSARS demonstrators will linger over the country.

The murder of the 103 EndSARS demonstrators in Lagos, according to Sani, was one of the unreported atrocities committed under the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

The social critic stated via his verified Twitter account on Monday that the former governor of Kaduna State openly supported the slaughter of Islamic Movement members in Zaria at the behest of the military.

According to what he said, the then-military COAS ordered the slaughter of more than 1,000 members of the Islamic Movement in Zaria in 2015, and the then-Gov. of Kaduna State openly endorsed it.

“Hateful propaganda was used to incite the populace to dance and march over the bodies of the victims while looking for valuables in their wallets.

According to reports, Kaduna state mass graves contain the victims’ burnt and bullet-riddled corpses, including those of women and children.They merely “blocked the road against the Army chief” as their offense.

“One of the secret crimes of the Buhari period is the murder of the 103 EndSARS demonstrators in Lagos.The dead will continue to haunt this nation and linger over its skies until justice is served, whether they were killed for ‘stopping’ the road in Zaria or the Lekki gate.

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