An adviser to Atiku, Tinubu, is working tirelessly to fix problems caused by decades of bad leadership

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According to Daniel Bwala, a former adviser of former PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, President Bola Tinubu is making efforts to resolve the issues facing the nation.

In his speech, Bwala blamed decades of mal-administration for Nigeria’s current predicament.

In an X post, he made the argument that the food shortage that Nigeria is facing is a worldwide problem.

“Food inflation is global ohh,” he said. Twenty pounds (around 38,000 Nigerian naira) is the asking price for this little bottle of palm oil. Styled hair for £45,000 in London. Global food inflation is expected to decrease by the end of this year, which is excellent news. Raise your spirits, my people.

You already know what’s going on with Joe Biden in the US, and those Naija folks in the UK can’t wait to chase after Rishi Sunak. That’s what the US and UK Naija people who curse @officialABAT on social media aren’t telling you.

Nobody can deceive you into thinking there is a flawless president or democracy. You could have chosen a worse presidential candidate; ignore the commotion.

Our issues have been caused by decades of mal-administration, but President Tinubu is making every effort to find solutions.

“We need to stop insulting each other and start believing in our country and its leaders so that we can find solutions.”

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