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Ministerial nominees: Adegboruwa and Tinubu violated the constitution

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By the way he submitted his ministerial candidates to the Senate, President Bola Tinubu, according to Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Ebun-Oluwa Adegboruwa, “did not comply with the provision of the constitution.”

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Adegboruwa asserted that Tinubu violated the constitution when he handed the Senate 28 names of ministerial nominees, which he claimed is fewer than the total number of states in the union.

The senior attorney made the comment on Thursday while appearing as a guest on a program on Channels Television.

He insisted that adherence to the constitution’s requirements should be comprehensive and unwavering and shouldn’t be left up to the President.

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The president did not comply with the constitution’s obligations by nominating the ministers or providing the list, therefore from a legal standpoint, we now do not have any ministries, the speaker added.

“The first thing the constitution plainly states is that there must be one minister per state, or at the very least, a ministerial nominee from each of the 36 States that make up the federation who must be a native of that State.

Additionally, according to the legislation, he must send these nominees within 60 days of taking the oath of office.

“On May 29, the president took the oath of office. Due to the fact that he supplied 28 names within the allotted 60 days, he has not complied with the constitution by sending ministerial nominee names that are less than the number of states in Nigeria.

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You don’t get to choose how you wish to uphold the constitution at your discretion. The compliance must be comprehensive and complete.

“The president should have supplied at least 37 names at the time he sent the list; the FCT counts as a State and 36 States for ministerial appointments.

Thus, as of July 27, the President has not complied with the law by not sending 37 names.

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