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Bwala blasts EFCC for branding Yahaya Bello’s desire as superfluous

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Daniel Bwala, who had previously served as a spokesman for the now-defunct Atiku-Okowa Presidential Campaign Council, has criticized the EFCC’s decision to publicize Yahaya Bello’s wanted status.

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According to Bwala, the EFCC already had all the tools it needed to apprehend Bello, thus there was no need to declare him wanted.

He questioned why the EFCC had not punished Bello similarly to how it had dealt with Rochas Okorocha, the previous governor of Imo State.

Bello was wanted by the EFCC on suspicion of N80.2 billion in money laundering.

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The Federal High Court in Abuja was also apprised of the anti-graft agency’s consideration of the prospect of enlisting the Nigerian Army to apprehend Bello.

The previous week, the agency raided the former governor’s Abuja apartment, but they were unsuccessful in apprehending him.

With the help of Governor Usman Ododo, who succeeded Bello, the former governor was able to avoid capture.

The EFCC declared the former governor sought since his location has been a mystery since the incident in Abuja.

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In response, Bwala wrote on X: “The press statement entitled “wanted” is unnecessary unless the EFCC and Yaya Bello are both modeling for a film involving the agency and its past governors.

Although you were at his residence to execute an arrest, you neglected to apply ACJA, or even better, repeat your actions from when you were at Okorocha’s place.

You authorized the person who arrived and took him away, and you knew who it was.

Security detail from the police and SSS are required to disclose all activities, including the whereabouts of VIPs, to their superiors. As a result, neither he nor the incumbent governor can keep their whereabouts disguised.

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Despite your knowledge that the police and SSS have geo-tracking and geo-locating surveillance equipment, you chose not to approach them.

You have every right to know this person’s location, yet you’re still trying to get the public to help you find him.

Just get the work done, no need to make it sound dramatic.

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