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Igbo leader demands apology as Gowon’s war speech has the potential to spark a crisis

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General Yakubu Gowon should apologize to the Igbo people and all Nigerians for his recent remarks at the Aso Rock Villa, according to Charles Okechukwu Okereke, a former GNPP governorship candidate in Abia State.

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According to Okereke, those who were aggrieved by the statement ascribed to Gowon will feel better after the apology, he claimed.

“I know and if I can remember, when I was fighting the war, I was told I was too slow and probably Nigeria cannot make it and that we should seek discussion,” the former head of state recently said. “So, did we actually do it?”

The former governorship candidate cautioned Gen. Gowon, in an elder statement, to avoid saying anything that would bring up painful memories of the Ndigbo and other Nigerians’ experiences during the country’s bloody past in an interview he gave to 460PLAY in Umuahia on Wednesday.

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Okereke noted that Gowon’s unflattering comments could incite even more resentment, given that Nigerians were already suffering from severe economic hardship.

According to Okereke, Gowon’s choice to establish a 12-state structure rather than executing an agreement he had with Odumegwu Ojukwu prior to the civil war caused the crises that the country is still dealing with today. He also claimed that Gowon was incorrect to compare his military administration with President Bola Tinubu.

Why is he drawing comparisons between Tinubu and himself? The plan is for him to retire. He ought not to bring up things that have already been forgotten. The time has come for him to apologize to the Ndigbo and all Nigerians.

When compared to Tinubu’s civilian government, Gowon’s military junta is light years ahead. His three Rs are incorrect. Is Tinubu addressing us from the same armored vehicle that he used on his post-war visit to Government College? That being said, why is a comparison being made? The question was posed by him.

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The current efforts to change the Nigerian constitution, according to Okereke, are an indication that there are numerous problems with the Nigerian It was incorrect for Gowon to claim that hungry Nigerians do not comprehend the underground situation, according to General Gowon’s legacy to his successors in power.

Gen. Gowon’s military regime was unable to unite Nigerians and was unable to counsel a civilian government, according to the composer of the “All Hail Biafra” anthem.

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