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“I have the ability to be a second wife.” The angel Uriel

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Some of the female housemates participating in the current all-star season of the Big Brother Naija reality show have discussed their perspectives on the roles of second wives and side-chicks (also known as mistresses).

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During the conversation that took place in the dining room on Saturday, the roommates each presented their point of view.

Doyinsola After expressing that she is fine with her hubby having a mistress but not a second wife, David triggered the discussion with her controversial statement.

She declared, “I will never give my consent for my husband to have another wife, but he is free to have a side chick.”

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Mercy implied that she would prefer it if her husband brought home his mistress and married her.

Uriel, on her part, stated that some men place a higher importance on their mistresses than they do on their wives. The only title that the lady will hold is that of wife. I am able to serve as a second wife.”

Angel then interjected, saying, “I don’t want it, but I don’t have any problem with it.”

CeeC has been quoted as saying, “No matter what, I can never be a second wife.”

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