I engage in fornication, not adultery. US woman claims Davido gave her a pregnancy

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Anita Brown, a woman from the US who has accused popular Nigerian Afrobeat singer Davido of having an affair with her, has called herself a fornicator.

In a series of Instagram posts, she claimed that the singer had gotten her pregnant and begged her to terminate the child.

She refuted the claim that she was aware of his marriage to Chioma Rowland by distributing screenshots of purported chats with him to support her claim.

“Cut out this married man narrative you all keep dragging, it really kills me,” Anita Brown remarked. On God, I had no idea he was married. Visit his page and see if he appears to be married.

“I’m perplexed. Rest in peace, baby. Nobody knew he got married, but everyone knew about the baby. Nobody here is aware that I am in America. If a man isn’t telling me, then I don’t know; it’s not a huge deal and it’s not on the blogs.

You guys should stop talking about me being pregnant because I actually found out after the event. I may engage in fornication, but I never commit adultery. Calm down.

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