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I attended the Arsenal Football Academy, but I chose music instead

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Nicholas Ihua-Maduenyi, best known by his stage name Psycho YP, is a Nigerian rapper who previously played football before switching to music.

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The artist from the UK claimed he went to the Arsenal Football Academy but afterwards gave up round-leather football for music.

He revealed this while appearing on the recent episode of 10 over 10 on Citizen TV Kenya in Nairobi.

“I went to the Arsenal Football Academy, but I stopped playing football when I started making music,” Psycho YP revealed. I had to decide on one.

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“My team is still Arsenal. My time at the academy was excellent overall. But when I started playing music after that, I just fell in love with it.

The Abuja-based musician explained his decision to pursue rap music in an afrobeat-dominated field by saying, “I really adore hip-hop. I enjoy rap. I grew up with rap music.

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